Kids dream big. That’s why Drug-Free Kids takes a different approach to prevention education, one that begins at the right age to have a greater and lasting impact on their life choices – and keeps them in charge of their goals.

Exposure to substances often occurs as early as middle school, and choosing to use at that age can have lasting consequences. Our programs help start a dialogue with fifth and sixth graders about health, risk-taking and the effects of substance use.

Timing is everything – so we’re talking to them when it matters the most.


We give kids the opportunity to tell us about their world as they see it. Our specialists are recovered addicts with their own stories, and they talk in real terms with kids about the impact of substance use and abuse. A meaningful message starts with a conversation.


We help kids recognize the healthy things they do for fun and have an open dialogue about healthy risk taking versus unhealthy risk taking. We don’t impose unreasonable expectations; when kids understand and appreciate having good mind and body health, it fosters good decision-making.


We want kids to develop social norms around substance abuse that will stay with them as they grow. By creating awareness around the impact of substances on brain development, or what it can mean to have a family history of addiction, we arm kids with the tools to make informed choices and delay substance use.

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